Background Verification

Background Verification:

Based on todays' seenario background verification is an unavoidable subject. The crime rate may be relatively lower than many other states in India at 103 (crimes per lakh population) but the background of poverty in Kolkata (Calcutta) is alarming. This also gives rise to the get rich quick mind-set which prompts people to take unethical short cuts to acquire money. Background verification becomes crucial in such an environment because no one knows the lengths to which job applicants and employees may go to.

For-AiMS Research Services offers background verification for employees' education background, address details, court record, criminal record check and also vendor screening. For-AiMS Research Services has a team of dedicated professionals who carry out their mandate in a time and cost efficient manner.

Not to wait for an employee to act suspiciously in your company, avail our background screening services at the recruitment stage itself. Our background screening brings to light any discrepancies between the information provided in the candidate's application form and actual facts. This checks dishonest candidates from getting hired, far better than worrying about their credentials after they are hired without proper verification.

Our Research Services offer background verification checks in the cities of West Bengal. Our Research Services offer cost-effective verification processes that leave no room for fraud or illegal activities.


Criminal Background Check; Education Background Verification; Employee Background Verification; HR Identity Check; Negligent Hiring Check; Pre - Employment Screening; Workplace Verification etc.

Our placement service is available in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Gujarat, and Ludhiana. Our Upcoming Branches are in Gurgaon, Bangalore & Bhubaneswar.​
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